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Toilet Time Golf Game

Use your time wisely even you are at the toilet. Golfers will love this unique gift. Practice your sport secretly at the toilet. You cannot go wrong with a little extra relax ti...

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Grass Countertop Drying Rack

Green color eye friendly drying rack for your kitchen. Can easily holds any shape of items on the top of the grass. Excess water will collect in the bottom of the ray. Easy to c...

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Reusable Storage Bags

Reusable storage bags for to store your kids foods. You can put veggies, cookies, cereal or any snack items as you wish. Not only foods even you can put your life saving make up ...

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Bread Pillow Cushion

Adorable bread for your kid. It even has a little band across the bottom of the plush. It can be used to hold small things. Made by using high quality plush and sealed with cotton ...

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Coffee Makes Me Poop

Cute and hilarious gift for a coffee lover. Made by using high quality ceramic material. Recommend as a gag gift. It can holds up to 12 ounces of your favorite beverage.

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Dinosaur Mug

If you love Jurassic world animals you will love this 3d shaped T-Rex dinosaur ceramic mug. It is certainly cool. There's so much room in the mug too. But It does get really ho...

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Pokemon Ball

All kids are love to be a Pokemon master. This soft Pokemon ball is filled with weighted beans and extremely soft enough to cuddle. Take it, sleep with it or if you want you can th...

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Bamboo Solar Calculator

Handcrafted bamboo calculator that comes with a aesthetically pleasing design. All of the parts are environment friendly. This SNGU calculator is made by using natural shell bamboo...

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Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

An Electric toothbrush comes with 2600mAh battery that will last for 6 months from a 3 hour charge. The travel case is pretty cool and comes with 2 replacement for brush heads. Bru...

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Dachshund Bookend Set

Miss your puppy? Don't be. This cute little Dachshund will hold your favorite books securely. It comes with white color. But wait you can paint it if you want. The face is supe...

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Body Surfing handboard

If you like to body surf, you will love this product. This works best in 1-7 foot waves. Even the strap fits any size of hand and each Wedge hand board strap is padded for extra co...

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Taco Plush

Great gift for someone who loves the world of Tacos. Its really soft and plushy. Kind of big too. it's a great pillow and keep this in your office. Everybody will smile when th...

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