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Hemingway Pencil Cup

Antique looking Hemingway pencil cup will be great pencil holder for your desk if you are a writer. It can holds all of your tools including pens, pencils, highlighter, scissors. I...

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Bamboo Solar Calculator

Handcrafted bamboo calculator that comes with a aesthetically pleasing design. All of the parts are environment friendly. This SNGU calculator is made by using natural shell bamboo...

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Knight Pen Holder

This noble knight will gives you hell of a thrill as he gallantly kneels in front of you to offer you a silver pen in his strong hands. If you loves medieval things this will be a ...

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Floating Bookshelf 3 Packs

No need to use regular cupboards and shelves to keep your books anymore. This stylish looking book holder will hold your books to wall. You can shelf this gadget by umbra mounts to...

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